Traffic Crashes Car Crash


Enter the traffic car destruction simulator, choose between a city or an open world map where you can explore and crash your car wherever you want. Try to crash into the traffic by causing a traffic crash and enjoy car destruction. You will feel like you are playing a demolition derby game and feel like crashing the car. Try different racing cars and enjoy the real car crash with our car deformation and car crash physics. Unlike other games where you have to dodge vehicles, here you can have a car accident without consequences, hit as many cars as possible and cause a fatal crash.

Make reckless driving without worrying about respecting the traffic rules in this game, in real life, put on your seat belt, respect the traffic rules, and try not to have a traffic accident.If you like car crushing, car wreck, traffic crashes and car crash games then this is your game go now and enjoy the experience of the car traffic collision.


– Different open and traffic world maps
– Amazing 3D graphics
– Car accident simulator with realistic collision physics
– Real car accident with traffic