Speed Bumps Car Crash


Welcome to car crash games, with speed bump challenge, get ready to drive over 100+ speed bumps in extreme car racing, real car destruction and deformation. Drive carefully avoiding obstacles to avoid a car crash.

Speed Bumps Missions
Get ready for challenging levels up to +100 speed bumps. There will be some downhill levels, ideal to destroy the car at high speed, so try to drive carefully. Manage to overcome all levels of speed humps, overcome speed bumps slowly so as not to destroy the car, but hurry up, because you have time to reach the finish line. Overcome all the massive speed bumps high speed with racing cars, in some levels passing speed bumps at high speed can be good option as you perform car stunts and pass speed bumps easily. Speed bumps and humps road are designed for racers to slow down.

Variety Of Cars
As you pass certain levels the cars will be unlocked, you can drive luxury cars over speed bumps and even 4×4 cars. You will be able to choose a variety of cars, and you will be able to drive the cars through the challenging obstacles and fast over the road bumps.

Car Crash Simulator
With our amazing car crash physics you will feel like in a realistic car crash simulation. You can have fun destroying the cars, for more excitement, if you leave the race track you will fall down a mountain causing deadly car crashes. Don’t let the crashed car go off the road and avoid accident, or falling off the road can cause high speed crash and car destruction. You can also take it as a car crash test.

Speed Bump Games
This realistic speed bump car game is designed to have fun, reach the maximum speed and try to pass the more than 100 speed bumps without any accident in order to beat the levels. It is also designed for vehicle destruction while driving through deadly potholes.

Get in and try to survive the speed bump crash test, show your car driving skills in speed bump crash challenge.

Different cars to choose.
Realistic 3D graphics.
Car deformation.
Realistic car destruction physics, experience real car crash.

Download now the speed bump car game totally free and being a car game without internet, so you can play offline.