Mountain Climb offroad driving 4x4

Discover different mountains with the mountain car drive, explore all the roads and levels, go up hills and down hills at high speed, do stunts and avoid falling on the cliffs of the hills. This hill driving simulator will make you feel like you are really there, using the first person camera. Hill top mountain driving like a real racing driver.

Have fun in this 4×4 offroad simulator by climbing 3D hills and driving on speed roads. Go through narrow roads, and overcome obstacles to cross the mountain. Avoid going very fast so as not to fall, but enough to be able to go up the hill with the 4×4 car. Drift around the curves on the slippery terrain for more fun.


– Difficult levels.

– Amazing realistic 3D graphics.

– The different environments.

– 3 camera modes: first person, third person, top view.

– Realistic car handling for better driving simulation.

– Controls with accelerometer, arrows or steering wheel.


– Do not look down!

– If you can’t climb a hill, try to get a run and go as fast as possible.

– Use the handbrake on the tightest corners to catch them better.