Motorcycle Ragdoll Fall


Get as far as possible with the ragdoll! The farther, the more score you will get and the more coins to unlock other motorcycles. If you like motorcycle crash and motorcycle falls but without worrying that no one gets hurt, this is your bike game. Thanks to our ragdoll system, you will have fun crashing the motorcycle and seeing how the ragdoll comes out flying and break bones.

Go down the hill with the bike in different maps to try, a descent to a mountain at high speed will make you fly far away. A map with different ramps and jumps so you can do bike stunts, test your real freestyle skills and crash the bike however you want. Different types of bikes available in this bike game, get extreme bikes from dirt bike, adventure bike and super bike to get top speed in this bike game.

The control of this motorcycle game is made to be a realistic motorcycle simulator, with smooth controls and one button even to do wheelies!

– Realistic motorbike physics and ragdoll physics
– Button for bike wheelie
– Different maps and bikes (like motocross, superbike)
– System of ragdoll dismount of the bike
– Realistic 3D graphics