Bus Simulator Mountain Traffic


Enjoy this realistic bus simulator, enjoy driving the bus off the road, in narrow mountains and dodging traffic, in world bus scenarios. Drive on the top of a hill like a real bus driver.Feel like a bus coach, leave the terminal with the city bus, and drive along the curvy roads, with giant cliffs, picking up passengers from the last stop of public transport.

Climb the 3D hills with these modern 4×4 buses, go down the hills and if necessary do off-road climbing. But be careful falling down the hill or you will start the game again.Buy new and faster 3D buses, passing the levels, we also have a car so you can travel the roads at high speed.Now get into the game and watch out for traffic ahead.


– Difficult levels.

– Realistic bus physics.

– The different environments.

– Amazing realistic 3D graphics.

– 3 camera modes: first person, third person, top view.

– Controls with accelerometer, arrows or steering wheel.

– Realistic bus driving for better driving simulation.



– Do not look down!

– If you cannot climb a mountain, try to take a run and go as fast as possible.

– If you do not see it clearly in a curve, brake!